Emiliano Di Marino

Ph.D. Student - University of Salerno

About Me

  • I am a Ph.D. student at Automatica Lab at University of Salerno working with Pasquale Chiacchio, Francesco Basile and Alessandro Marino. Previously, I was at CERN as a summer student intern and I was a Graduate Research Assistant at The Pennsylvania State University under the supervision of prof. Guido Cervone, the director of the Geoinformatics and Earth Observation Laboratory.
  • I am always looking for the perfect opportunity to increase my knowledge, to meet a lot of interesting people, to conciliate my passions, fun and creativity, to have new ideas that often are necessary to solve problems, to travel and to discover new places and new cultures. I have ever tried to spend my time in the best way in order to improve myself and my competences.
  • My formal background is in Computer Science and my research interests focus on Cyber Physical System (CPS) and Robotics (actually).

What's New

06/03/17 The paper "An auction-based approach for the coordination of vehicles in automated warehouse systems" has been submitted to SOLI 2017.
09/03/17 The paper "A low-cost and flexible solution for one-shot cooperative robotic drilling of aeronautic stack materials" (Pasquale Cirillo, Alessandro Marino, Ciro Natale, Emiliano Di Marino, Pasquale Chiacchio, Giuseppe De Maria) has been accepted to IFAC 2017
11/12/16 I am in the National Program Committee of WODES 2018.
01/11/17 I am a Ph.D. student at D.I.E.M. at University of Salerno.


email edimarino[at]unisa[dot]it
office D.I.E.M. - Università degli Studi di Salerno1.
Laboratorio di Automatica, I7Bis
Via Giovanni Paolo II, 132
84084 Fisciano - Salerno, Italy
phone +39 089 963463

1 Università degli Studi di Salerno has been translated as University of Salerno.